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The Definition of Remodeling: Holmes vs. Webster

Webster’s Dictionary defines remodel very simply as “to alter the structure of”. Having spent a considerable number of years in the remodeling or home improvement industry I am astounded that the definition is that brief and simplistic. Remodeling is a much more complex endeavor. I felt a little better when


Being Your Own General Contractor: Saving Your Money or Losing Your Sanity?

You are wondering how to create your dream room while getting the best value for your hard earned money. You can hire a re-modeler who will handle the entire job or you can decide to general contract the job yourself. How hard can that be?


Unfitted Kitchens – Add European Style to your Old Kitchen

The kitchen is often called the heart of a home. If your heart is looking a little shabby or actually failing, it may be time for a total kitchen remodel.


Small Projects with a BIG Impact

The home improvement bug has bitten. You really have the urge to spruce up the house and make some changes.